Two Benefits SCADA Software can Offer your Assembly Line Operation

Assembly line operations make the task of manufacturing products much shorter. What it would take hundreds of workers to complete, an assembly line is able to complete with a mere fraction of the workforce. However, assembly line operations are only effective when they are functioning properly. One way to ensure your line is functioning properly is to use monitoring systems, such as a SCADA software program. Helping you better isolate your troubleshooting efforts and creating a customised emergency protocol system are just two advantages this program offers.

Isolated Troubleshooting

Your assembly line operation is undoubtedly composed of a number of different functioning parts. While each of these systems work together and require some level of connectivity, when it comes to troubleshooting, it's imperative that you be able to break down these parts into different sections. This is important so that you can more easily identity the problem. SCADA software options, like those at KPSM Solutions Pty Ltd, afford you the ability to easily pinpoint the exact location of the problem.

These software programs work by monitoring your line, in sections. When an issue arises, the system will highlight an alert for the specific area that is malfunctioning, allowing you to address problems more efficiently and faster. The shorter the amount of time it takes to solve the problem the shorter any down time for repairs and the lower your repair costs.

Customised Emergency Protocol

Another unique feature of SCADA software is that it allows you to customise your own emergency protocol system. With most assembly line monitoring programs, in the event of an emergency the system will signal an alarm, notifying personnel that there is a problem. While this is effective, the staff has to react to the emergency while also notifying upper level management and contacting emergency personnel. However, with this software program you determine how you want the system to send out an alert in the event of an emergency.

For instance, you could set up the system so that it would signal an alarm and make an automated call or page to your safety manager. Additionally, you can also set up the system so that it sends an automatic called to local emergency services. This ensures that the team on-site can focus their attention on immediately reacting to the emergency, instead of contacting emergency personnel services or the safety manager.

The overall goal of an assembly line operation is to complete the manufacturing process faster and more effectively, SCADA software programs can help you accomplish both.

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