This Is Why You Want To Drive A Truck

Truck driving might not be the most prestigious of careers but it sure has the potential to pay your bills. The current state of the Australian trucking industry holds a lot of promise for future truck drivers.

If you're torn between truck driving and a different career, here are a few reasons that should make you jump into the driver's seat.

The Ready Job Market

Chances that you'll be employed soon after becoming a licensed driver are relatively high. This is because there's a current shortage of skilled truck drivers in Australia's transport industry. A large percentage of Australian drivers are approaching retirement age while not as many young Aussies are taking up the trade. Perhaps an effect of the non-prestigious perception associated with a trucking career.

Despite the glowing prospects for employment, you can't turn a blind eye to the grim statistics that depict the dangerous nature of truck driving as a profession. This fact underlines the need for you to get trained at an accredited RTO (registered trading organization) of good repute.

You should also have it in mind that many truck-related accidents result from human error (e.g. driving when fatigued, disregard for traffic rules, etc.), which you could easily mitigate against.

Government Funding For Truck License Training

Employability is often the number one concern for young adults in search of a career path. Ideally, the availability of funds for career-related training ought to be the number one concern.

Luckily, the Australian government provides subsidized funding for aspiring truckers interested in getting a heavy vehicle license. Thus, you'll have less of a financial burden for the requisite training.

Fees for truck license training vary from one RTO to the next. You'll be required to settle the difference between the requisite fees and the amount provided as a subsidy. The affordability of training and the impressive job prospects after training combine to increase the appeal of a potential career in the trucking industry.

The government also has an active role in enforcing laws that promote the safety of truck drivers. A good example of this is seen in the national heavy vehicle driver fatigue laws.

The Sights And Sounds

Travelling is a perk that truck drivers enjoy by default. Many 'suit-and-tie' professionals who fall within the same pay grade as truck drivers only get to 'travel' when commuting to and from work.

So, how does taking a leap into the driver's seat sound?

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